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This forum have been started just recently. Help us and do not hesitate to join and build the community.
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Sorry((( just want to contact admin of http://www.englishforum.sk, is it possible?
(02-17-2016, 08:44 AM)AlonzosZete Wrote: Sorry((( just want to contact admin of http://www.englishforum.sk, is it possible?

 yes, you can send me mail to admin at englishforum.sk.
Quite nice to see that you wanna connect admin and he is really very active and send you the reply about it. impressive
I do agree with you Brinkman and admin is such an active person and this is a really good thing. I wanna add here he replied here in a polite way this is also a good point.
I am ready to enjoy east coast vacation deals.
yeah, This should be a point and should be followed by all.

Was enjoyable time for me with los angeles to grand canyon.
I am going to agree with both you. The admin of this community is a really active person and give a reply to members in such a polite way which is really good thing. I am sure through this the members also learn many things and followed him.
yeah, it might be possible. i am spending such a good time there and just enjoying myself while reading the stuff about it. i will have such precious time there and will spend some time with it more and more.
Brinkman! It is really nice you like to spend your time in this community and also like the stuff which members had shared here. I must say that all the members of this community always share that kind of stuff here, which will prove useful for the other and that is the best thing about this community. Due to this, I love to spend my time here.

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